A Day in the Life of a TRIOSE Intern – Nate

Hey everyone! I’m Nate, one of the summer interns here at TRIOSE. I’m a rising Junior at Penn State University where my studies focus on government and its relationship with the business world. Are you a college student wondering what an internship experience is like? Are you considering applying for an internship with TRIOSE? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place. In this post I’ll take you through a typical day here at TRIOSE through the lens of an Intern. So, lets jump in, shall we?

The day of this TRIOSE intern starts at 8 am and lasts until 4 pm. Following my ten-minute commute to the TRIOSE office my typical day always starts off with coffee. I mean is there any other way to start your day? After logging on to my computer and clocking in I usually read some news articles for 10-15 minutes just to get my brain moving and geared up. Then, I dive into the projects we’re working on here at TRIOSE. Most of the time I have anywhere from three to four projects at once. As a marketing intern one of my responsibilities is to create and schedule the company’s social media posts. When we’re about halfway to three quarters of the way through the month I will create and then schedule our social media posts for the upcoming month. In addition to scheduling social media content, I also work on research to help us better serve our clients, market research on our services, and have even created articles and blog content for our new website. On an average day I take lunch around 12/12:30. For me this is the perfect time because it breaks up the work day in half. Normally I pack my own lunch, but I do venture out of the office a few times with my fellow interns to grab lunch at one of the local sandwich or Italian shops near the office.

Occasionally here at TRIOSE there are business development meetings, department meetings, and conference calls. As interns we are encouraged to participate in these meetings and often actively asked questions and to share our opinions. Also, as an intern It was easy and even expected of me to interact with many of the company’s department leaders and owners, some of whom I even collaborated with on projects I was working on. In the afternoon the day typically is a little slower mainly because most of the meetings here at TRIOSE are scheduled for the morning. However, this gives me a perfect opportunity to stay caught up on my work and allows me to edit and proof read my work. Once four o’clock hits I clean up my desk, gather my stuff, and punch out for the day.