A Day in the Life of a TRIOSE Intern – Tucker

Hello, my name is Tucker DiPiazza and I am the operations intern here at TRIOSE, Inc. for summer 2019. I am an upcoming senior at The University of Scranton and am majoring in marketing with a minor in operations management. I live in Birdsboro, which is only a fifteen-minute commute from the office. When I arrive in the morning at 8am, I clock in and read any new emails that I have received so that I can plan out my day accordingly. The emails will either be related to physical work that I must do or meeting requests.

Throughout my internship, my work has had a wide range spanning from documenting standard operating procedures to brainstorming and gathering data for our outbound marketing campaign. I will often investigate our customers’ costs to see if there can be improvement and will also analyze shipping data to see if there are opportunities to boost the company’s revenue. In addition to this, I will pull and organize any data needed so that it is in a better format and is easily accessible for all the employees in the company. Also, I help set up presentations for meetings with TRIOSE sales representatives and sit in on the conference calls.

Currently, I am halfway through my internship and I have already learned and practiced many skills that I believe are necessary in any career path that I choose to take. My suggestions are heard and I do not feel like an intern, but rather a full-time employee. I do not have to go on coffee runs or do busy work for employees. Instead, I have been doing work that is applicable to my career and is being used to help the company in the areas that I am most interested in. This is my first internship and the wide range of business topics, freedom to use my ideas, and the overall friendly environment have made this internship a great start to my professional career.