Carl "CJ" Joyner - TRIOSE
Carl “CJ” Joyner

Carl “CJ” Joyner is CEO, President and Founder of TRIOSE. Since TRIOSE’s founding in 1999, CJ has worked to change the healthcare industry with innovative products and services in logistics management. With his expertise in business efficiency, gained from his background in manufacturing, CJ has brought a focus on total supply chain integration and management to healthcare.

Prior to founding TRIOSE, CJ was President of Corporate Development Institute, Inc., a leadership and training organization as well as Director of Integrated Delivery Network Services for Vector, a Shareholder of Amerinet, one of the largest membership-based healthcare group purchasing organizations in the nation. He has also previously held positions as Director of Business Development at National Healthcare Practice and as Director of Sales e-Business Group for Penske.

CJ is determined to make a substantial difference in healthcare by working with his team to effectively manage all of our clients’ logistics requirements, ensuring measurable results and giving back to the community. He recognizes that every organization’s success depends on the personal achievements of all involved and is well known for his dedication to supporting others in the pursuit of attaining the best that they can be in life.