Ira Tauber - TRIOSE
Ira Tauber

Ira Tauber joined TRIOSE, Inc. in 2003 and currently serves as President. Tauber’s commitment to the TRIOSE mission of “making a difference” is anchored in achieving desired outcomes for clients, building, and sustaining long-term relationships with business partners, and leading TRIOSE’s “Give 5” purpose-driven impact programs, giving back to the communities TRIOSE serves.

Tauber brings over 35 years of experience in supply chain management including third-party logistics, engineering, operations, and business development. Prior to joining TRIOSE, Tauber served in various executive leadership roles with third-party logistics organizations including New Breed, Penske Logistics, and Leaseway Transportation. Tauber has also held several supply chain operation positions with Johnson & Johnson.

Tauber’s contribution of building lasting customer relationships has played an integral role in the success of TRIOSE. He believes that by providing best-in-class customer experiences, TRIOSE can positively impact the entire continuum of care, at every touchpoint, from provider to patient.