Ira Tauber - TRIOSE
Ira Tauber

Ira Tauber joined TRIOSE in 2003 as one if its principals and currently serves as President. He has over 35 years of experience in supply chain management, including third-party logistics sales, engineering, operations and business development. His commitment and focus on “making a difference” is centered on achieving desired outcomes for TRIOSE’s clients, building and sustaining long term relationships with business partners, and benefitting employees and communities in which TRIOSE lives and serves.

Previously, Ira served in executive leadership positions in both Sales and Operations with top-tier third party logistics organizations, including New Breed, Penske Logistics and Leaseway Transportation. Ira has also held several supply chain operations positions with Johnson & Johnson.

Ira’s work is evident in our day-to-day customer interactions. Our client’s experience is where our impact on healthcare begins. Ira believes by providing the best customer experience at every touchpoint it increases our opportunity to help our client partners better serve their patient population and make a difference in healthcare.