Michael Palazzini - TRIOSE
Michael Palazzini

Michael Palazzini joined TRIOSE, Inc. in 2017 as Vice President of Solutions and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Operations. Palazzini is responsible for overseeing the TRIOSE field and corporate operations teams as well as implementing strategies that drive increased value to customers through the TRIOSE solution portfolio.

Prior to joining TRIOSE, Inc., Palazzini held various executive leadership positions in healthcare, logistics, and supply chain management. During his time with DHL, he was responsible for designing and implementing a regional transportation network servicing the Northeast US. In 2015, Palazzini founded Predicata, a healthcare-focused data analytics company dedicated to transforming data into actionable insights.

Focused on maintaining the TRIOSE reputation for operational excellence and a strong customer focus, Palazzini and his teams are continuously searching for operational improvements and ways to better serve TRIOSE customers.