How COVID-19 has elevated the need for supply chain management and the healthcare system to work together.

DATE: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021
Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm EST



Join us for a deep-dive discussion about the impact COVID-19 has had on the relationship between supply chain management and the U.S. healthcare system.

Industry leaders  from TRIOSE and McKesson will share insights and discuss a variety of topics including:

  • The state of the industry and issues brought to light after the pandemic
  • How the truck driver shortage is putting pressure on the medical supply chain
  • Solutions that can alleviate the pain points many healthcare clients are experiencing
  • The role technology plays in delivering supply chain solutions
  • Projections for what the industry looks like in the future


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from experts in supply chain management and medical supplies as they dig into the pressing issues facing the industry.

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