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TRIOSE’s Freight Management

Shipping is often one of the most overlooked costs in supply chain. When evaluating shipping options, it is important to look beyond rate and find a partner that can help control costs, increase visibility, and improve the overall performance of your healthcare operations. TRIOSE Freight Management utilizes our strategic partnership with UPS to provide the highest level of cost savings and service. Our additional regional and national carrier agreements allow us to focus on value instead of cost as we choose the right carrier for each individual shipment’s need.

TRIOSE’s Freight Management is a non-asset-based offering that provides small parcel (under 150 lbs.) shipping solutions, paired with our Freight180 solution, which provides large cargo (over 150 lbs.) shipping solutions. The TRIOSE Freight Management solution is tailored to impact your shipments, no matter the size, to help them arrive safe, on-time and at the best possible cost.

TRIOSE’s NetworkiQ

Hospitals often view courier and fleet operations as a cost center. TRIOSE’s NetworkiQ aims to help our valued clients move that view from a cost center to a strategic asset. Through the ability to quantify costs and value, TRIOSE can guide hospitals to making more strategic decisions that have a greater positive impact not only on costs but on patient experience.

TRIOSE’s NetworkiQ is a non-asset-based offering that provides Courier and Fleet management solutions. Providing in-depth assessments, management solutions, and free-of-charge network health checks, our experienced team of professionals can ensure your transportation network is efficient and cost-effective.

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ

Pharmacies consistently face daily challenges in their goal to deliver top quality patient care. Staying on top of the daily woes while planning for development and strategy can be difficult for pharmacists who must also ensure regulatory standards are being met. Last mile strategy is the entire process, from the first prescription fill, all the way to the patient.

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ is a non-asset-based offering that pairs Last Mile solutions with Pharmacy Core Consulting services. Our pharmacy compliant outbound shipping program ensures your specialty and mail-order pharmacies are adhering to CMS and accreditation mandates.

TRIOSE’s SpendiQ

Health systems are continually asked to do more with less, while still delivering on critical initiatives such as value-based care, clinician engagement, and financial alignment. Supply chain and purchasing leaders lack the integrated resources and technologies needed to improve inefficiencies in their processes. TRIOSE SpendiQ helps eliminate the problems caused by lack of time by helping streamline multiple major procurement endeavors.

TRIOSE’s SpendiQ is a non-asset-based offering that provides Strategic Sourcing, Procure-to-Pay, and Supply Chain Consulting solutions. SpendiQ helps assess how contractual decisions are made, how you ensure those decisions are adhered to, and whether your internal processes and communications are leading to the success of those decisions.