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The journey a shipment makes from pharmacy to the patient’s door is critical.

Last Mile

Pharmacies can ship between 250 to 300 packages a week.

Last Mile

This can result in a 5-10% package error rate.

Last Mile

Employees can spend an average of 30 minutes trying to resolve package errors

lost specialty medications can cost upwards of $60,000. Not only does this cost the pharmacy, but it costs the patient as well. A delay on a shipment can negatively impact the patient’s treatment plan or test results.


Critical elements to ensure patient safety

Last Mile

Medication Visibility

Last Mile

Maintaining Shipment Viability

Last Mile

Adhering to Mandated Standards

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ Last Mile Solution helps pharmacies meet Accreditation and Medicare standards

Shipping Platform Integration

Link shipment info with prescriptions by integrating your outbound platform and dispensing software.

Last Mile Delivery

Reach patients at their home with shipping services that support all points of contact from the pharmacy to the patient’s door.

Cold Chain Management

Ensure you have documented cold chain process that meets URAC, ACHC, and USP standards.

Track & Trace

Monitor your high-value shipments and increase patient satisfaction while mitigating risk.

Proof of Delivery

Maintain proof of delivery for ten years to meet pharmacy requirements for Medicare and accreditation.


Support specialty pharmacy medications with cold chain specific packaging

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