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Health systems are dedicated to providing the best patient care possible, but often devote unnecessary resources to their large cargo shipping processes. Most supply chain leaders form agreements with their vendors to ship products to them, with the shipping price being added onto the invoice. These agreements allow suppliers to utilize shipping as a profit center. Many buyers think this is just the cost of doing business and adopt a “just pay it” mentality. Even worse, if a shipment arrives damaged or gets lost in transit, it is left to your staff to reconcile the claim. If you have not realized the impact on cost and patient care by allowing your vendors to control the shipping process, you are not alone.

Even health systems that realize the impact often struggle to amend the issue due to the time necessary to correct it. According to a recent time-study, it takes..:


Up to 40 hours to negotiate a large cargo carrier contract


An average of 5 hours to manage just one claim effectively.

That’s 5 business days – just to negotiate one carrier contract. By partnering with TRIOSE, you get access to our carrier portfolio, consisting of regional, national, international, and ocean carriers. TRIOSE’s Freight180° puts time and money back in your supply chain, all while removing the headaches caused by managing complex claims. On average, we help our healthcare partners avoid spending 54% more than necessary on large cargo shipping.

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