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Hospitals often view courier and fleet operations as a cost center. TRIOSE’s NetworkiQ aims to help our valued clients move that view from a cost center to a strategic asset. Through the ability to quantify costs and value, TRIOSE can guide hospitals to making more strategic decisions that have a greater positive impact not only on costs but on patient experience.

Courier and fleet solutions are custom solutions based on the unique structure of the Hospital or System. Costs are often hidden and need to be quantified or they are very apparent, but seen as not addressable due to their immediate need. Often the core solution is visibility.

The technology that is necessary to gain the visibility to implement best practices and remove non-value-added activity is too much of a capital investment for a hospital system. TRIOSE can provide access to that technology along with the expertise to manage them.


By 2025, more than 600 hospitals will be at immediate risk for closure.


40% of all lost or damaged specimens occur in transportation.

In working with health systems, we determined that price is only a small component of aligning supply chain operations with the mandate of providing value-based care. We understand that one patient’s unpleasant experience does not just impact the reputation of your supply chain, it also impacts your facility’s reputation and reimbursements. The patient journey and experience throughout your healthcare system is more important than ever.

Supply Chain leaders need a partner that not only offers a competitive rate, but also is always looking to help control cost, increase visibility, and improve overall performance of healthcare operations.

TRIOSE is the supply chain partner you need. As the industry leader in offering innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions, TRIOSE can..:


Reduce route mileage consumption by 20-30%


Reduce fuel consumption and maintenance needs by 20-25%


Reduce the overall man-hours necessary for successful operation by 20-30%

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