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In an attempt to diversify, drive greater revenue growth, and gain a larger portion of the patient population, pharmacies across the country are making the transition to specialty & mail-order operations. There are growing concerns around large pharmacy players like CVS and Walgreens as they continue to grow, while limiting the opportunities pharmacies have to compete. Health system pharmacies can get bogged down with the many issues at hand and miss opportunities to improve their system and pharmacy for the long term. Complicating matters, pharmacists are increasingly asked to be a one-man show. Often times tasked with management & operation of the pharmacy, their responsibilities are suddenly encompassing business, growth, and strategy, along with basic day-to-day operations. With only so much time to devote, face-to-face time with patients begins to suffer.

Having the time to be diligent is of the utmost importance, but pharmacists & their teams can only find this time by finding a partner that is able to help navigate the increasingly complex guidelines and standards that must be adhered to.

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ helps pharmacies do just that – pairing tactical last mile services that comply with CMS & accreditation standards along with long-term strategy & solutions that positively impact pharmacy and hospital goals


TRIOSE offers a pharmacy compliant outbound shipping program


TRIOSE will help identify opportunities to improve operationalefficiencies in your pharmacy work flow


TRIOSE will help set strategic goals to encourage sustainable pharmacy growth

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