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Health systems are continually being asked to do more with less, while still delivering on critical initiatives such as value-based care, clinician engagement, and financial alignment. Due to the significant number of challenges facing healthcare, health systems cannot keep track of every purchase. Health systems & their staff just don’t have enough time to achieve these goals in a reasonable manner. Supply chain and purchasing leaders lack the integrated resources and technologies needed to improve inefficiencies in their processes, specifically in contract lifecycle management. TRIOSE’s SpendiQ helps eliminate the problems caused by lack of time by helping streamline multiple major procurement endeavors..:



How do you make decisions around contracts?



How do you check to ensure that decision is adhered to?


Supply Chain Operations

Are processes ensuring decision success and adoption?

TRIOSE’s SpendiQ provides access to software tool SupplyLinQ, which stores all contracts (regardless of type) in one place, improving compliance with all vendors along with increased visibility to all supply chain operations.  By driving compliance and helping ensure your contractual decisions are adhered to, you can trust that your procurement processes are being cost-effective.  If all your processes and communications are driving toward the success of those contractual decisions, you spend less time attempting to amend improper behavior for whatever the reasons may be. That means less time on the phone with vendors trying to correct off-contract purchases or pricing discrepancies.

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