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When was the last time you assessed your purchases?

In today’s health care industry, health systems believe that managing purchases off contract, auto-renewing contracts and billing errors are simply a cost of doing business. As a result:


of healthcare purchases are made off contract.


of hospital contracts automatically renew without review.


of all healthcare purchases are billed incorrectly.

An inefficient supply chain is directly affecting patient experience and your bottom line.

With the average hospital margin operating at a mere 3.4%, these figures are negatively affecting the overall financial status of your organization. You could be overpaying by as much as 20-40% on each purchase and impacting your total supply spend by up to 10% with unmanaged contracts.

Hospitals cannot afford to continue overlooking opportunities to improve these processes. Health systems need to manage their total spend in order to reduce their unnecessary waste and deliver significant savings back to their organization.

revolutionizing Hospital Spend Management

SupplyLinQ is a contract management solution designed to revolutionize the process
of managing spend across entire healthcare networks. SupplyLinQ offers:

8 SupplyLinQ

The ability to store all contracts in one place.

8 SupplyLinQ

Improved compliance with all vendors.

8 SupplyLinQ

Increased visibility of all supply chain operations

SupplyLinQ quickly provides sourcing professionals with actionable data, from total spend to detailed item values, enabling them to proactively engage in meaningful cost reduction initiatives.

Our solutions position your organization to optimize all operations and maximize savings.

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