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Healthcare organizations have made a concentrated effort to increase shipment tracking visibility for inbound orders. We typically see the following process:

However, packages that do not arrive on time impact the organization’s ability to successfully plan. Ultimately affecting the organizations’s staff and patients.

Leading healthcare facilities develop or purchase a solution that allows their requesters to track inbound orders without waiting on their supply chain or vendors.

TRIOSE’s VisiLinQ grants your team visibility to inbound orders with just a few clicks of the mouse, providing requesters with peace of mind knowing when their order will arrive. This eliminates the need to involve the supply chain department, allowing personnel to focus on other vital tasks.


Inbound order delivery status updates available through email notifications and an online dashboard


TRIOSE will handle external hosting of data and set-up the solution within a reasonable time frame


Save supply chain time, allowing them more time to handle other crucial aspects of their day

VisiLinQ’s interactive Dashboard Is:


Completely customizable, including layout, filters, and field headings


Quick access to real time status of inbound purchase orders


Provides visibility to shipping exceptions and Lost or Returned to Vendor shipments

An inefficient supply chain is directly affecting patient experience and your bottom line

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